Born November 17 - 1928 / Deceased June 6 - 2015

Dick Holthaus was always fascinated by clothes. He discovered the world of fashion during frequent visits to Milan where his sister was living. After he finished school, he moved to Amsterdam where he met the famous dutch fashion designer Max Heymans. They worked together until he opened his own hat shop in 1951 with immediate success. Clients came from all over Europe and America.

In 1955 he created his fashion house in Amsterdam and launched his first Dick Holthaus haute couture collection.

The designs of Dick Holthaus were very well received. From 1955 to 1975 he was without a doubt the most international, most important and most popular fashion designer of the Netherlands.

In 1973 he was involved in a very bad car accident which made him reflect about his life. He decided to close his fashion house and went on with succesfull pret-a-porter, uniforms, special designs etc…

He dedicated the rest of his life to his permanent search for beauty and harmony.

(The vast majority of the pictures are photographed by Paul Huf)